Monday, September 11, 2006

5 Days Until Day 1

Woke up Sunday morning at 8:30am and am just now hittin the sack at 4:38am Monday morning. Today we went through every single shot in 3/4 of the locations with a digital camera and the 1st AD, Production Designer, me and yen. It was very helpful and we took literally 60 composed shots that will be 60 shots exactly in the film. There are inserts here and there, but for the most part, that’s a hefty chunk of the film. We all now know what to expect, and it’s looking GREAT! Had a location fall through and then we figured out how to pick it up and make it work in locations we already own through creative production design. It’s a big job Clare has to get through, but today her workload went down by about half, and then went back up by 1/4, so it’s some help anyway.

Had a great little meal with actors Adam and Alessandro, plus Yen and Yen’s partner Jerry cooked. Afterward, we argued about what exactly was wrong with the studio system. I’m still convinced that the main thing wrong with it is that they’re so scared of taking risks that it has thrown them into this lifeless tailspin of bad sequels and remakes. Luckily, there ARE still great films being made, and if you can package the concept right, someone will go for it. There’s such a dearth of truly great filmmaking that I think one can get in and get a decent sized budget if they play their cards perfectly. Or, I’m living in a pipe dream, but if so, I guess I’m content for now in that pipe.

It’s the little things that you delay sleep over. The condo we’ve rented for the film has a raunchy odor, like raw sewage at times, so I just spent the past 2 hours cleaning all the sinks, showers and toilets, then pouring vinegar into them to try and stop the stink. The upstairs bathroom sink was clogged and when I ran water into the sink, it backed up and about 40 little BUGS came out and floated in the water, jumping around. When I plunged the sink, a HUGE clump of thick hair came out. UGH! S-I-C-K! Somebody’s hair from who knows how long has been the home for all these little bugs.

The rest of the night I had to do the fucking Apartment Renters Check In List, you know, the one where you list every single dent, scrape and missing doorknob in the place, and it has to be turned in within 48 hours? Well, it had to be in by tomorrow morning before they got in, so I just dropped it off tonight.

Tomorrow morning is going to be MADNESS! We have James the 1st AD and David the Editor working as art assists starting at 10am. They’re driving the truck and picking up some furniture for Clare, and the James is going to start getting the locations locked down while David goes on runs for Clare in Curtis’ pickup (THANK YOU CURTIS!) all day long. Later tonight they’re shooting a music video that’s not a music video for Curtis’ band “The Theatre Fire,” who, incidentally kick ass and have written a song for “Ciao!” You simply MUST check out their damn fine website,

Oh damn. I gotta go to bed. Till next time!



Blogger Stephen Oakshire said...


Thanks for keeping me up to date on your latest project. You kick ass.

It goes without saying that you should call if you need anything (acting, writing, a phone call, otherwise). But there. I said it anyway.

Kick ass, take names, make friends.

Zach (aka Stephen Oakshire)

2:21 PM  

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