Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ciao - DAY 1 & 2

Alessandro Calza as "Andrea."

We completed Day 1 with a few complications, but by the end of the day we were rockin-and-rollin'. Day 2 went wonderfully. Literally, we have made ZERO compromises up to this point, and if all goes well, I think I've planned this out to be that way throughout. It's obvious once one realizes that the big boys play by those rules: "Take the time to get it right." We tweak lights and run takes until the scene is DYNAMITE.

Adam Neal Smith ("Jeff") and Calza visit their friend's grave.

And it is INCREDIBLY HELPFUL to have David, our editor, on set cutting the footage togther as we shoot! We had 2 different continuity questions in regard to blocking on Day 1, and were able to shoot the rehearsal and cut it into the previous shot to ensure that everything was working. (I have suspicions that directors will lean on this "crutch" too much in the future, but think of how helpful this will be when filming action!)

Director Yen Tan watches over DP Michael Victor Roy's shoulder as he composes the shot in the cemetery.

We stole the cemetery yesterday morning wth no problems! In the 45 minutes we were there not one person came anywhere near us. (Which means I didn't have to use the "Dead Grandfather's Purple Heart" story, bless his soul.) The scene looks tremendous - Michelle has been on set taking digital stills, which you can see on this page.

This brings up a good point: it was extremely frustrating when I finished "Bloodshed" and realized I didn't have any production stills. Distributors require no less than 50 stills, and as an independent producer, it just makes sense to have those magic moments available for promotion.


There are sooooooo many magic moments even now. I am super sleepy and sorry I didn't write yesterday, but I promise to write daily from now on. OH, did I mention that they FINALLY gave us permission to shoot the airport scene!?!?! YES!!!! The "money shot" has been approved.



Blogger JjoPeteR said...

I'm very happy to know about this film, I´m a latin guy who meet Alessandro in the web two years ago.. I´m a fan of him..

All my best for the production crew and the actors!

JjoPeteR (JjoPeteR.PhotoArt)

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