Friday, September 22, 2006

End of Week One!!!!!

And this is how movies are made! End of week one, two to go. Life is good... so far.

Yesterday was the end of week one, and we celebrated by having 2 PINTS last night at The Dubliner on Lower Greenville and then going home and passing out from sheer exhaustion. Today we tied up a lot of loose ends from last week, and prepped for the upcoming week, mostly boring things like picking up a TV from Fry's, getting more craft services, returning the arcade game, scooter and pickup truck, etc. We're using the tried-and-true "Fry's Rental" on this movie, where we purchase a high-dollar item for a few weeks to shoot in the film, and then return it. Viola, one free flat-screen TV for the film! BTW, Fry's has an excellent return policy: as long as you don't break it, they'll take it back within 30-days and usually don't charge any sort of re-stocking fee!

Anyway, the past two days were spectacular. It's getting a bit repetitive, always having good news, but the film is going quite well! (On a side note, my last feature "Bloodshed" just got picked up by Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery for DVD release November 21!)

Day 5 and 6 concentrated on the character "Mark," played by Chuck Blaum. He's a handsome man, but I'm afraid I don't have any pictures of him right now, as our set photographer was not around for the past 2 days. We're definitely gonna get him when he returns next week!

What a total bummer that we don't have a full-time set photographer. I feel like we missed some iconic imagery when we had the scooter. No shots of the characters riding it at all. Ugh. Things move so quickly, if there's not someone specifically doing that job, we won't remember to do it. Damn. I guess that can be a separate photo shoot if needed.

There was one shot that will end up being quite spectacular, where the garage door rises, spilling light onto Mark's red classic Vespa scooter. Oh man, it's gorgeous, simply STUNNING!

I guess there's not much to say. Week 2 starts tomorrow, and we have a still photographer on set both Saturday and Sunday. I'll be sure to post some tomorrow night!




Blogger Denis said...

I saw CIAO at the Montreal Image&Nation LGBT Film Festival last saturday (nov 22) and I loved it a lot... it's subtile and sensitive and you can feel the weight of memories...

10:36 AM  

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