Friday, November 17, 2006

First cut COMPLETE!


Thank you for all of your pleasant comments! We appreciate the support, for sure.

Our editor David Patrick Lowery and Yen have completed the first cut!!!! It's 87 minutes long, not including titles or end credits. They're going to tweak it for the next 3 weeks, and should have a fine cut done by Dec 15th.

Speaking of cutting, we SHOULD have a new, pimped-out trailer to post on the site in about 2 weeks, if all goes as planned.

Yesterday I met with our new music supervisor, Glen Walsh. He's a commercial music supervisor here in Los Angeles, and he's really freakin cool!

More to come very soon!



Blogger Mark said...

Talk about a quick turnaround. Congrats! Where's that trailer?

2:47 PM  
Blogger jackmsw said...

More news! We want more news! Release dates? What's happening??

3:57 AM  

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