Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Halfway through...

On Saturday one of our two lead actors, Alessandro, woke up with a throat infection. The two words a producer loves to hear: "throat infection." This happens on the day Ethel Lung, our actress from LA playing "Lauren", is supposed to fly in for 3 days only and perform in a 15-page scene with Adam and Alessandro!

DECISION TIME: As producer, I am faced with the difficult decisions occasionally: "What are we having for lunch?" "Can we have more lightbulbs?" "Does this make me look fat?" These decisions don't come easy, and many times I defer to those around me. I mean, what does it matter what we have for lunch, as long as it's not fast food and it's fairly healthy? There are times, however, where the questions are more important, and I believe in those times I will always make the right decision if I follow two simple rules:

1) What is best for the film?
2) Can we afford that option?

I know it SEEMS straight forward, but it's all too easy to plow ahead and try to shoot, even though the actor isn't in tip-top shape. So, what I came up with was that we would not use Alessandro for 3 days and pray that his voice and health got better. We shot out everything having to do with Ethel that didn't require Alessandro, and bought a plane ticket for her to fly back this coming weekend. Moving the schedule to accomodate was the most difficult part, as we had to reschedule 2 locations that we didn't own,but all in all, I believe this has saved us from having a crappy performance in the film.

After all, what's the point of producing if you're going to make decisions that harm the quality of the project?

OK, so it's been a while, so I'll recap here:

Day 7 we shot everything we could with Ethel and Adam, including a gorgeous night scene. Thanks to James and Loretta for the use of their vehicles!

Here are pics from days 8-10:

Cheers y'all!



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I found your movie journal, and have enjoyed reading it. Hope you don't mind, I made a syndication feed on LiveJournal, so that I can read it with my Friends pages. I called it CiaoMovieLJ:


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Sweet! Thanks Michael

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